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      contact the Hill Health Center in West Haven (203-503-3720) at anytime to learn about insurance options and receive free help in signing up. For info about HUSKY Health, visit You can apply for HUSKY A or HUSKY B anytime.

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    Washington School

    Washington School is committed to ensuring that each child can and will learn.  We will help each child reach his/her highest potential both socially and academically by working collaboratively with each other and all of our Washington Families. Good communication is the cornerstone of success.  We start each day using the Responsive Classroom Morning Meeting.  Students and all adults get a chance to greet each other, build each other up, and set the tone for a positive day.  Students will be clear on rules and expectations so that they can learn.  Students have many chances for input in their learning and it's one of the many things that sets them up for success.  We have a rigorous, standards based curriculum, along with new technology and manipulatives for all students to access.  Those items, along with all of our highly qualified teachers and staff make Washington Elementary a very special place.
    -Alicia Limosani, Principal

    Our Washington Elementary School teachers and support staff are dedicated to working together with the students and parents in our community.  The staff strives to challenge the students academically and socially to prepare them to be life-long learners. 

    The teachers provide students with a rigorous curriculum which gives them an opportunity to read, write, speak, listen and think on a daily basis.  We are committed to teaching our students the principles of good citizenship, respect, integrity, responsibility, compassion, self-discipline, perseverance and acts of kindness. 

    Washington Elementary School’s motto: “Washington School C.A.R.E.S.”

    Commit to an ongoing education that promotes critical thinking, communication and problem solving

    Advocate the development of student talent, as well as collaboration with parents and the local community

    Reinforce the values of mutual respect, courtesy and appreciation for diversity

    Encourage students to develop responsibility, accountability and self-discipline

    Sympathize with students while learning, growing and succeeding together

    Nuestros maestros de la escuela elemental Washington y personal de apoyo están comprometidos a trabajar juntos con los estudiantes y padres en nuestra comunidad. El personal se esfuerza por retar a los estudiantes académica y socialmente para prepararlos a ellos a que continúen aprendiendo a lo largo de su vida.

    Los maestros proven a los estudiantes un currículo preciso el cual les da la oportunidad a leer, escribir, escuchar, y pensar diaramente. Estamos comprometidos en enseñarles a nuestros estudiantes los principios de cuidadanía, respeto, integridad, responsibilidad, compassion, autocontrol, perseverancia, y actos de bondad.

    El lema de nuestra escuela elemental Washington: “La escuela Washington C.A.R.E.S.”

    Comprometerse con el desarrollo de la educación que promueva el pensamiento crítico, comunicación, y resolver problemas.

    Abogar por el desarrollo del talento del estudiante, asi como también colaborar con los padres y nuestra comunidad.

    Reforzar los valores de respeto mutuo, cortesía, y apreciación por la diversidad.

    Estimular a los estudiantes a desarrollar responsibilidad y disciplina.

    Simpatizar con los estudiantes mientras están aprendiendo, creciendo, y teniendo éxito juntos.

                                                                      Contact Information

    Alicia Limosani, Principal
    [email protected]

    Catherine Petro, Secretary
    [email protected]
    Main Office (203) 931-6880
    Fax (203)931-6883

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