Washington PTA


Board Members

Christine Guest, President
(203) 410-2299

Jaclyn Rumford, Vice President
(203) 668-0207

Kayla Worroll, 2nd Vice President/Teacher Liason
(203) 530-4620

Carolyn Kuczynski, Coresponding Secretary/Recording Secretary
(203) 715-4701

Amy Mattiello, Treasurer
(203) 623-0521


The Washington PTA has a proud history of strengthening the connection between school and home.

In the past, our efforts have included fundraising to paint our playground, our annual father-daughter dance, ice cream social, and many more programs that foster family togetherness.  These efforts, plus many other activities the PTA is involved with, help enhance the learning and educational experience at Washington School.  And also the PTA provides a great way to meet other parents in our community!

All PTA meetings will run from 7:30 - 8:30 every month on Monday night (please refer to the school newsletter for dates).  These meetings are fun and informative.  Please come and learn more about what the PTA does and how you can make a difference in your child's school experience.

For more information you could visit the PTA's Facebook page!