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Mrs. Jennings


Science is Cool!

Welcome to the world of Science.  This year we have a brand new science program that encourages students to think like a scientist. I am excited for the students to plan and conduct their own experiments in the Science Lab. Reading, Writing, and Math, are all a part of our Science learning.
Here are some of the amazing topics we are currently exploring.
         The Kindergarten children are investigating different types of pushes and pulls used to start and stop objects, and the changing of directions and speed when objects collide. The First Graders have been learning about light and sound.  They made instruments and observed the vibrations.  The First Graders are currently studying the pattern of the Sun, Moon, and Stars. In Second Grade, the students are identifying the different parts of a plant.They will explain how each part helps the plant to survive and grow, and how the seeds are dispersed. Third Graders have been learning about inherited traits and learned behaviors. They have completed a survey, collected data, and graphed the information of the acquired traits.  They are now beginning a unit on weather. Fourth Graders are investigating the change caused by weathering, erosion, and natural hazards. They have designed ways to slow or prevent erosion.  The students will be designing earthquake resistant buildings.