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Family Math Nights 

Check back for dates!

We will have dinner for the first half hour and then provide a presentation to help you further help your child/children in math.  There will be games and prizes!  RSVP will be required so that we can best plan for that night.  Transportation from Winkle Bus will also be provided for families that need it.  As the nights get closer, be sure to look for the flyer, listen for the phone blast, and check out our monthly math newsletter for more information.

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I am at Washington Elementary School days 1-10.  My role for this school is to ensure that math instruction can be the very best it can be.  I can co-teach, model lessons, take small groups for remediation and enrichment, or whatever it takes to help the teachers and students.  I also sit with the teachers during data and collaboration times to look at trends in data to identify the strengths and weaknesses from pre and post test data. I help teachers make dipsticks to address these weaker areas for their SRBI groups.  To further help the teachers, I, along with the other members of the math team, have developed an "in house" digital shared drive that we call the "Z" and Google Drive.  Folders have been set up for K-4, all units of math.  The folders house the curriculum, tests, but more materials like worksheets, games, websites, and more.  Teachers can go there to find more "goodies" to supplement and enhance their lessons. 

If you need to contact me, please feel free to email me at or call Washington at 203-931-6880.

Mr. Paul Giglietti - Math Coach