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Mrs. Jennings


Science is Cool!

Welcome to the world of Science.  This year we have a brand new science program that encourages students to think like a scientist. I am excited for the students to plan and conduct their own experiments in the Science Lab. Reading, Writing, and Math, are all a part of our Science learning.
Here are some of the amazing topics we are currently exploring.
The Kindergarten classes are learning about living things need water, air, and resources from the land, and they live in places that have the things they need. The First Graders are making observations to construct evidence that young plants and animals are like, but not exactly like their parents.  In Second Grade, the students are identifying the different types of habitats and the plants and animals that live there. Third Graders are examining the ecosystem's dynamics, functioning, and resilience, and explaining how the changes in the environment affect the organisms living there.  Fourth Graders are investigating the change in an objects energy when it collides with another object.