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Mrs. Jennings


Science is Cool!

Welcome to the world of Science.  This year we have a brand new science program that encourages students to think like a scientist. I am excited for the students to plan and conduct their own experiments in the Science Lab. Reading, Writing, and Math, are all a part of our Science learning.
Here are some of the amazing topics we are currently exploring.
   The Kindergarten students are learning about all kinds of weather and weather instruments. 
   The students in First Grade are examining the structure (body parts) and function (how it is used)of plants and animals.
   In Second Grade the students are comparing different types of matter (solids and liquids) by their properties.
   Third Graders are observing the interaction of forces - balanced and unbalanced.
   Fourth Graders are planning and conducting experiments to prove that energy can be transferred from place to place by sound, light, heat, and electrical currents.