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Mrs. Jennings


Science is Cool!

Welcome to the world of Science.  This year students will be encouraged to think like a scientist!  I am excited for the students to plan and conduct their own experiments in the Science Lab. Reading, Writing, and Math are all a part of our Science learning.
Here are some of the amazing topics we are currently exploring.
         The Kindergarten children are investigating living and non-living things.  We are learning about what plants and animals need to survive.. 
The First Graders are comparing adult and young animals.  We are looking to see how the young are like, but not exactly like the adults. In Second Grade, the students are identifying food chains and webs   We are focusing on how plants and animals depend on one another for survival.  Third Graders will be exploring acquired and inherited traits. They will collect data, find averages, and graph the information. Fourth Graders are investigating waves and erosion  along with the impacts of natural hazards .
Remember - Science is all around us!